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Your Mission, One Solution

Church Management Software for All Areas of Your Ministry and Outreach

The Seraphim Suite is a system of applications that connect seamlessly to form a single solution you can use in every aspect of your church.

Seraphim started with church management and, like your ministry, the system has evolved to meet current demands. Our technology’s worldclass yet easy-to-use features help the church be more effective, nimble and potent in its mission by letting you see what’s really going on with the congregation, ministries, events and, most importantly, people. The Seraphim Suite is designed to enable you to carry out your mission more effectively, by streamlining all areas of your church including ministries and outreach.

Seraphim Office

How many visitors do you have on an average week? How many visitors become regular attenders? Are people volunteering for ministry opportunities? What do current or past trends look like for membership giving? These are just some of the important questions that Seraphim Office answers the way no other system can.

Understand all the nuances and trends going on inside your church. Seraphim Office will help you streamline your processes, and make running the back office easy.

Seraphim ChurchApp

Fully Integrated with Your ChMS

Intended for congregants, the churchApp is an easy way for users to get connected, receive notifications, sign up for events, even become part of a small group. Seraphim Office and The ChurchApp share a close data relationship always keeping both the back office and congregation in the know.

Connecting Everyone to the Same Content

Allow your church management content to grow dynamically from administrative and user interaction. Launch features easily by checking the appropriate menu option. Eliminate the need to export or re-type content from your ChMS to take it to a mobile application.

Seraphim AirStream

Premier Production

Presenting Stunning Visuals for Your Worship Experiences Has Never Been Easier

AirStream is all you need to create, present, and stream your productions. Designed to be as straightforward and user friendly as possible, AirStream includes a variety of implicit shortcuts anyone can use to easily compose and present subtle or advanced presentations. Maximize your computer’s hardware while leveraging the Cloud as centralized storage to access content from anywhere with Internet. Compose presentations from home, your office, or at your favorite coffee shop, all while instantaneously updating to the Seraphim Cloud.

Seraphim Insight

Use The Data You Already Have to Make More Effective Decisions
Seraphim Insight lets you leverage your Seraphim Cloud data, to use with other applications. Gain a more sophisticated understanding of your community by using Insight, and reach people more effectively.

Seraphim Teller

Smarter, Not Harder
Seraphim Teller enables you to accurately record and save your weekly checks and cash within minutes. Begin by scanning up to 50 checks per minute! Teller will process most of the information for you, leaving you to only input the exact amounts given. Features like Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, error detection and the magnifying glass will help to ensure the highest accuracy. When you are finished, storing your information in the cloud is as simple as clicking a button. Check scanning eliminates the need for large teams and double guessing, and provides a fast and simple alternative

Seraphim Cherub

Both staff and congregants are able to use this application for checking-in for events and services. Staff are allowed privileges to view information such as room occupancy, and member identification to aide in both safe check-in and check-out experiences.

Seraphim Worship

Seraphim Worship - Coming Soon
Seraphim Worship is designed for musicians and worship leaders as a central tool for creating seamless worship experiences. Seraphim Worship will allow members to send and respond to serve requests, access song notes, practice set lists from a dynamic media player, and more!

What Customers Are Saying

“What’s best about working with Seraphim is they want what’s best for us and our congregation. They are always ready, willing and able to respond to our requests and that is what makes our relationship with Seraphim so great, their willingness to serve us so our church gets connected with God, with each other and with the world we live in.”

Joe Stecz

Associate Pastor, Hope Community

“Seraphim check in has all the features we were looking for in a secure check in and more! I have never worked with an easier system to learn and to train others on. Not only does our children’s ministry run smooth, but it feels more secure.”

Anthony Ioime

Children’s Director, Valley Forge Baptist

“Our church has really appreciated the way the Seraphim staff has worked hard to make the software fit the specific needs of our church. Seraphim has quickly become a software we can’t imagine functioning without.”

Kristen Spacek

Church Administrator, Hope Community