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Your Mission, One Solution

We Are Passionate About Churches, Not Just Software

Think Outside The Box

You tell us what is most relevant and important. We customize how you interact and walk through the Seraphim Suite to best serve your primary needs.

If you are considering a Church Management System, ask how often your vendor does research and outreach to the customer base. Seraphim’s main focus is on our partners. We believe the people doing ministry are the people who can help us be successful, and by listening to you, we in turn enable you to do ministry better and more efficiently. This is why we call you partners and not customers. Seraphim Support is Industry Leading and listens to every call and records processes and changes at each church.

When it comes to your operations we realize there are many different areas of concentrationor specialization. We also realize that it is not ideal to have to use multiple vendors based on how your operations run. The Seraphim Suite is one solution that will allow you to run all departments synchronously with one another. Connect your congregation, back office, & other ministry teams together in a way no other system offers.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services Will Enhance How You Do Ministry

Real Cloud

There’s no server to buy, no worrying about how many administrators have licenses and no worries about where people work. One line of code and always up to date. A single version of Seraphim exists across all customers. No need to buy servers or network equipment or even worry about backing up your database. We do that for you and we make sure you always experience 99% uptime (our record is 99.99%).

That’s the real cloud. Anything else is an imposter.

Same System Everywhere

Every customer is on the same version of Seraphim. That means no customer is left behind when the software is updated. And when everyone is on the same version, whether Mac or PC, the result is a community with unprecedented levels of communication and collaboration.

Take Control of Cost in The Cloud

Seraphim simplifies everything—including your cost of ownership. With a subscription-pricing model, you pay as you go and pay for what you use. Pick the services you want to use–they all work together.

Reducing The Impact

We worship the Creator, not creation while understanding we have stewardship of the environment in a responsible way. The cloud is inherently green. Centralized data centers reduce energy consumption. Multi-tenant architecture promotes more efficient use of computing resources.

We get faster and more resilient and more efficient and you benefit.

Setting The Pace of Innovation

Social tools, analytics, and mobile devices are pushing innovation in the church like never before. And with hundreds of new features introduced in four updates every year, we are constantly striving to make your work life better. As others try to catch up, Seraphim continues to move forward at unrelenting speed.

Automatic Vendor-Managed Updates

Seraphim is designed to change with your church. Four times a year, we deliver feature-rich updates to every customer. Seraphim does all the heavy lifting and every customer benefits.

Software As A Service

You pay for access to the service – from anywhere. No headcount limits, no machine licenses, no restrictions on your volunteer staff and no expensive servers and network equipment to buy and manage. We do that for you.

Software with Great Service

We are not just here for “break/fix” type questions. We are part of you – we share your mission and will help you meet your deadlines. Need a directory? We’re here to help you do it fast and easy. Preparing for youth camp and need to build a roster of campers? We’re here to give you advice and help you with anything you have questions about.

Seraphim's Leadership

Sam Batterman – Co-Founder & CTO

Sam received his B.S. in Computer Science from Bob Jones University in 1991 and started at Merck & Co. in West Point, PA as a software engineer. He worked for nine years at Merck & Co. and was involved in writing their sales force automation software (CRM) and reporting and data warehouse software. In 2000 Sam joined Microsoft where he worked on SQL Server and Business Intelligence Tools until 2013 when he left to form Seraphim Software. Sam has written two published novels: Wayback and Maximal Reserve. When not obsessing over software for churches, you can find Sam spending time with his family.

Chris Caldwell – Co-Founder & CFO

Chris graduated with honors with a B.S. in Accounting in 1996. He has been a CPA for the past 18 years, working as an auditor at Arthur Anderson from 1996-1999, and for the last 14+ years as the GM for Balgo company, Inc. He has been involved in some sort of church ministry (young marrieds, kids, etc.) since graduating college. Chris has been married for 18 years and has four children.

Where We Come From

We started Seraphim to bring modern technology to churches. We saw that in our professional and personal lives, technology has erased barriers like location and time, but in churches some of these barriers still existed. We believe that churches should be able to connect and engage with their congregation more than once or twice a week – and with Seraphim Software you can do that.

We are passionate about helping you reach people faster and more effectively than ever before. We strive to solve issues that have long plagued church administration. When you call us we answer, and when you need help we are here to guide you. We are here to become your partner in ministry and to help you succeed.

Our vision for Seraphim is that technology will be the bridge that connects your church and your congregation. Our goal is that your staff, members, regular attenders, and visitors would be more connected and able to share and show love the way Christ did.

Why Seraphim

Aligning Technology to Your Mission

Seraphim started with church management and, like your ministry, the system has evolved to meet current demands. Our technology’s worldclass yet easy-to-use features help the church be more effective, nimble and potent in its mission by letting you see what’s really going on with the congregation, ministries, events and, most importantly, people.  

One Software Suite for Your Church Managment Needs

Seraphim is the industry’s best database for ease of entry, demographic-defining options, involvement tracking, discipleship management, and more. Optimized searching across fields lets you find any record in the database — everyone living in a ZIP code, or anyone sharing a phone number — quickly and with predictable accuracy.  

Insights Other Systems Ignore

How many visitors are coming, where do they come from, how did they hear about you? Do these visitors return — and how many don’t return? When visitors do return, how many become regular attenders and, eventually, members? How are your people connecting? What are the retention rates of visitors and regular attenders? Seraphim doesn’t leave these important questions up for grabs. It shows you what’s happening, the way no other system can 

Reporting and analytics

Wouldn’t it be nice if more than one person on the planet could do your reports? Powerful or Easy? This seems to be the quandary when dealing with reports. What about both? Seraphim provides a powerful and flexible way to select your data and then present it as lists, directories, industry standard labels and even name tags and pictorial directories. And you don’t need a Ph.D. or a call to a support line to generate it! 

Seraphim Care

Our support team is an extension of your staff. We see what you see — no more frustrating, “What does your screen look like now?” Weekday support is included in your price. Support is available 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern by phone, email or instant message. Migration CAN be painless with our tools and our experience — Seraphim has already migrated churches from Shelby, Church Community Builder, Fellowship One, ACS, ServantKeeper, People Driven Software, Elexio and By the Book.