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Pricing Should Be Simple

It’s also one of the first opportunities we have to understand your needs. Call us for a quote at 855.681.6160

How Does It Work?

Seraphim is An Information Utility – you pay for what you use.

We just need to know how many regular attenders you have, and a general idea of what applications and features are most relevant to your church, and then everything is calculated from there. By "regular attenders" we mean the average attendance on Sundays.

Receive A Demo

Contact us today to get started and we’ll set up a time where we’ll demo any part of the software you are interested in. In this phase we’ll also try to understand a little more about your church, and make further product recommendations.

Take It for A Spin

We typically move into a phase where we use sample data so you can try out Seraphim with realistic information. During this period we’ll work with you one-on-one to help you understand any part of Seraphim you would like to master.

What Happens After You Become A Customer?

We provide Industry Leading services that sets us apart from other Church Management Software vendors. We'll help you both with transferring your data, and also empowering you to use Seraphim to it's full potential.

Migration & Implementation

If you are making a move from another vendor at this point it’s just a matter of transferring your data. We have specialists in both migration and implementation that again work with you one on one to help make transitioning as easy as possible

Receive Seraphim Care

All of our partners receive industry leading support when they join Seraphim. Call us to talk to a Care agent anytime you need help or have questions about any aspect of the Suite.

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