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Premier Production

AIRSTREAM IS ALL YOU NEED TO CREATE, PRESENT, AND STREAM YOUR PRODUCTIONS. AirStream is an application that maximizes your computer’s hardware while leveraging the Cloud as centralized storage allowing your users to access your content from anywhere with Internet.

Cloud Enhanced
AirStream is designed to be as straightforward and user friendly as possible. With a variety of implicit shortcuts and an intuitive interface, anyone can easily Compose and Present presentations ranging from subtle to advanced.

Easy to Use
AirStream is designed for simplicity. With an intuitive and straightforward interface, anyone is capable of running flawless presentations.

Perpetual Upgrades
You will always be on the current version since AirStream is subscription based. Never worry about waiting for or upgrading to the next version.  

Unlimited Users
 Give your whole team the power to create and plan. AirStream makes collaboration and planning a breeze.  

Advanced Composer
 Unleash your creatives with the most advanced composer of any presentation software. Take your slides to the next level with special features like particle systems, lens flares and much more! 

An Integrated Process For Your Production


Leverage the power of the Cloud to craft an experience. Take the stress out of your worship services by collaborating and preparing from anywhere throughout the week.


Your production team can now share the experience and execute your services, all while being coordinated and synchronized through Service Flow.


Take the experience beyond your four walls by allowing your audience to easily engage in your services. Convert your viewers from consumers to participants; now they can view and interact with your services as if they were physically present. The content you generate every week is available around the world, 24/7

Design is a comprehensive yet intuitive application built to give your creative team the ability to produce beautiful and stunning presentations. AirStream provides all the tools your artists seek on an approachable interface that is simple enough for anyone to use. Compose your presentations from home, at church, or at your favorite coffee shop, all while instantaneously synchronizing with the Cloud.

Unlimited Layers

Don’t limit your creativity! AirStream allows you to create without any restrictions. Use an infinite amount of layers, elements and effects to compose the perfect slide.

Dynamic Content

Create spectacular presentations, both subtle and complex, with the professional tools you demand. Only AirStream allows you to dynamically create advanced elements such as:

Particle systems
Lens flares
Procedural Noise
Typographic Motion
Dynamic Countdowns & More!

Easy to Use

AirStream is designed for simplicity. With an intuitive and straightforward interface, anyone is capable of running flawless presentations.

Edit On The Fly

Effortlessly make edits and revisions to your slides. Give your presenters the freedom to make updates without compromising other aspects of your productions.

Advanced Annotations

Empower your pastors and speakers to annotate like a pro. Augment your slides with the use of highlighters, pens, and laser pointers to engage your viewers like never before.

Service Flow

All Modules Integrated Service Flow is embedded into every application in AirStream, allowing you to view information designated for each department.

Your Team Synchronized

Service Flow is designed for your production team to both plan and conduct your services. operate your Service Flow the way it was meant to be by delegating pertinent information towards specific departments. Attach files and documents, assign and control queues. View the Service Flow and your responsibilities through AirStream Mobile


An instant messaging system that lets members participating in each event communicate with each other. Talk is accessible in every application within AirStream allowing your team to communicate to the entire group.


Easily view your personalized Service Flow through AirStream Mobile. Communicate with your fellow volunteers during the service using Talk on mobile.

One Workflow

Seamlessly combine your presentations with live video to display, record, live stream, and publish to your website so individuals can experience and re-experience.

Direct Manages the entire pipeline all on one computer.

Video Switcher
Video Encoder
Live stream Content Delivery Network
HD Recorder
Content Manager
Live Broadcasting
Connect to AirStream’s live Broadcasting* service to stream your productions and services. AirStream gives you the easiest and most intuitive software switcher which connects to world-class streaming.

Website Integration

All of your productions are automatically uploaded and embedded into your website. Define your productions with tags, speakers, series, topics, themes and scripture to build out taxonomy within your website.

* Additional package required for AirStream’s live Broadcast

Vast Variety of Visuals

Use all of your current videos and images of any size, resolution, or aspect ratio to project light on your walls. Harness the power of Dynamic Content for your environmental projection needs. Apply advanced effects to your visuals for endless creativity.

Unlimited Masks

AirStream gives you the control of unlimited masking layers and masking shapes. Fit your environmental projection onto any surface, shape or layout.

Transform Your Architecture

Immerse your congregation into an uninhibited place of worship using projected visuals. Paint a uniform canvas over the architecture of your church to enhance the theme of your service.

Hardware Requirements








8 GB

12 GB





Windows 8/64 bit system

Windows 8.1/10 64 bit system

Graphics Card:


Nvidia 960


1600 x 900

1920 x 1080

These specifications will suffice to get a basic AirStream Application running reliably with moderate performance.

With these specifications you will be able to use graphic intensive features such as particle systems or lens flares.