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Seraphim Cherub

A Premium Safe Check-In Experience for Your Church

Easy to Maintain & Administer

Cherub is designed to be launched and left running for days or even weeks. No more running into church right before the crush of the crowd to launch your check in stations. This option makes Cherub a fantastic choice for day care or pre-schools as well.  

Branded to your Church Experience

 We give you edge to edge (full bleed), highly visual branding for your churches theme or upcoming events you are promoting. Control the branding from a central location. Change the wallpaper or settings of your stations without the need to visit them or restart the applications.

Simple to Use

 Simple onscreen instructions guide your congregation step by step during the check in process. Check in times of less than 10 seconds for each family are the goal. Cherub is intelligent about check in as well. You can automatically check in volunteers, family members and children from the same stations – or separate these functions as you wish.

Powerful Authentication
Authenticate yourself to the system in a number of ways:

  • Barcode/Keychain/Key FOB
  • Last 4 digits of phone or mobile numbers
  • Confidential PIN
  • Alpha search by name, address or phone

Best of all, Cherub is included in your Seraphim Subscription. Talk to an account executive or your support engineer to get a demonstration of Cherub today.

Integrated Technology
Seraphim Safe Check-In is flexible enough to handle a range of activities for your staff:  

  • System support for both staffed and self check-in scenarios
  • Flexible authentication methods — bar-codes, key chain fobs, QR codes, smartphone screens, family PINs and Seraphim Credentials — to let you match children with parents/approved guardians
  • Customization of labels to display special headers and footers, allergy/medical information, children’s parents’ names, and children’s location during service
  • Integrated pager support for alerting parents

Peace of Mind Integrated with Church Mangement Software

Modern look, designed for the user.

Seraphim’s vision of safety is three-pronged, focused on technology, process and perception. If the screen is difficult to use, and the staff member running it is confused about the next step or taking a long time to perform the check-in process, an observer might perceive security to be weak. Seraphim Safe Check-In was designed with the user in mind:

  • Standalone check-in/check-out counter
  • Quick check-in — as little as five seconds!
  • Modern look and user-friendly interface
  • Training accomplished in just a few minutes
  • Ability to add visitors, new families and new children to an existing family in mere moments

Safety is Paramount!

The safety of each child in your church is about more than just a friendly face, a completed form and a name-tag. It’s about creating peace of mind about security in your members, regular attenders and visitors. It’s about making children feel they’re part of the group. It’s about parents having the confidence their children are protected and respected. Seraphim Safe Check-In delivers on all these points and more, thanks to features such as: