Integrated Mobile Church App - The Seraphim ChurchApp
The Seraphim ChurchApp

Connecting Your Administration, Staff, Leaders and Volunteers

Intended to engage your congregants, the Seraphim ChurchApp is an easy way for users to get connected, receive notifications, sign up for events, even become part of a small group. Seraphim Office and its mobile church app share a close data relationship always keeping both the back office and congregation in the know.

What Else You Should Expect

Seraphim is a Relationship Management System for your church which allows groups of people, facilities, resources and events to work together in a dynamic new way. The Seraphim ChurchApp connects those exact aspects of your church to provide you the power of a fully integrated and user-friendly mobile solution without the complex non-church terms of other mobile church apps offered by church management vendors. Branded specifically for you, this is your church mobile app!

Why The Seraphim ChurchApp?

If you are considering a Church Management System and Church Mobile App, ask how often your vendor does research and outreach to the customer base. Seraphim’s main focus is on our partners. We believe the people doing ministry are the people who can help us be successful, and by listening to you, we in turn enable you to do ministry better and more efficiently. This is why we call you partners and not customers. Seraphim support is industry leading – we listen to every call and record processes and changes at each church.

Constant Connectivity

Connect Your Congregation and Back Office Seamlessly


Connecting Everyone to the Same Content

Allow your church management content to grow dynamically from administrative and user interaction. Launch features easily by checking the appropriate menu option. Eliminate the need to export or re-type content from your ChMS to take it to a mobile application.

Satellite Locations and Multiple Campuses

Multiple campuses are becoming increasingly common among growing churches and can indirectly create a higher demand for streamlined communication. With Seraphim, this very communication and event handling is streamlined simply by creating an event and publishing it to the ChurchApp.

Brand The App How You Want

Brand your App exactly the way you want. With the ChurchApp you have the ability to change your navigation and use terms that are pertaining to your church. No longer compromise your brand by working within a template that does not meet your needs, and requires you to use terms and vocabulary your church does not use.

The Only Church App That is Fully Integrated with Your CHMS

Take attendance for an event and group
Small Group Leadership

Member Approval:
See newer members, See who might be “falling off”

Send mass Email, Audio, SMS messages to your group

See information of who is in your group

View and manage announcements

Prayer / Praises:
View and manage Prayer requests and praises

Mobile Safe Check-In (coming soon)
Check in children using a mobile device which synchronizes with your label printers
Have authentication methods for parents to check in and check out their children

Push Notification Engine (coming soon) A comprehensive tool to give instant or automated push notifications to individuals and groups based off of criteria you define.

Search for people in your directory

Show the events that are happening at your church
Enable people to interact with it (Be reminded, Pay for Event)

Small Group Finder
Search and get plugged into a Small Group

Give directly through the application.
Set up recurring giving
No need to remember username and passwords, the ChurchApp contains all of your information

View and manage when you are serving
Search for opportunities and sign up for ministries (upon approval)

Edit your Information
Keep your records up-to-date with the ability to update your personal and family contact and medical (allergy) information.

Connect Card
Fill out a connect card to get plugged in

Surface your blog on the applications

Smart search
Search for events, people, series, sermons, verses, and much more.
Content Management (coming soon)
Have your series and sermons accessible.

Tasks (coming soon)
Manage, create and assign tasks to individuals

Bible (coming soon)
View the Bible, highlight and interact with it

Bulletin (coming later)
Have a generated interactive bulletin.