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Seraphim Insight

The First Commercial Church Data Warehouse

We understand that our customers don’t do things the same way across the board. Based on all criteria specific to your church, there may be reporting scenarios we would never think of. Therefore, standardizing how you look at your data is something we have thought past. Seraphim Insight gives you the flexibility to include criteria to a report that you choose.

We Deliver
 Seraphim Insight lets you leverage your Seraphim Cloud data, to use with other applications. Gain a more sophisticated understanding of your community by using Insight, and reach people as effectively as possible.  

Multiple Data Sources
 These are just some of the data sources that you can use from the Seraphim Cloud that are incorporated into Insight and let you build powerful reports:Attendance DataGiving DataCampus DataDemographic Information & More!  

Custom Reports
Create Reports with Other Data Sources
Pull other key performance indicators and external data, and mix it in with your Seraphim Cloud data to create a comprehensive view of your data.  

Understand Your Church’s Trends

Create any visual to illustrate what is going on inside your church, then export it to share within your organization.