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Seraphim Teller

Smarter, Not Harder

Seraphim Teller enables you to accurately record and save your weekly checks and cash within minutes. Begin by scanning up to 50 checks per minute! Teller will process most of the information for you, leaving you to only input the exact amounts given. Features like Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, error detection and the magnifying glass will help to ensure the highest accuracy. When you are finished, storing your information in the cloud is as simple as clicking a button. Check scanning eliminates the need for large teams and double guessing, and provides a fast and simple alternative.

Every week financial administrators depend on Teller to process their giving. The quick and easy work performed by Teller saves you time and energy. Our work with banks inunderstanding banking software gives us cutting-edge technology that sets us apart from any other church financial system.

Fast & Easy Setup
 Here you can create a new batch to work with or choose from any of your existing batches. Additionally Teller can edit and delete your batches should you need to do so.  

Automated Scanning
 Sit back and watch as Teller processes up to 50 checks per minute. Teller automatically works behind the scenes to recognize and store check information so you don’t have to. Made a mistake? Simply Rescan or Delete it altogether.  

Intuitive Review & Audit
 When it comes to finances, it’s important to be thorough. Teller utilizes automatic error detection, a magnifying glass, and large crisp images to ensure the highest accuracy.  

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